Sneak Peek: ‘Behind the Music: Brandy’

Continuing a string of Hip-Hop and R&B profiles premiering this season, R&B superstar Brandy is the next artist to be featured on VH1’s heralded Behind the Music series.

Having been in the spotlight since she was a teen and with more than her fair share of personal triumphs and turmoil to expound upon — including her rise from regular California kid to music, television and film star; the tragic 2006 multi-car accident she caused that left a woman dead; the birth of her first child; and the fabricated marriage she calls “the fall of her career” — Brandy’s story is one that will continue Behind the Music‘s tradition of giving viewers more on the stories they thought they already knew.

The full episode premieres April 25th on VH1, but take a look at the episode’s 30-second teaser below.
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