Snapshots: Fat Joe graffitis Lil Wayne’s Miami mansion

Although best known for his quintessential ’00s club hits like “Lean Back”, “What’s Luv?” and “Get It Poppin'”, Fat Joe was once heavy in the true school scene.

He carved out an early reputation as a gritty, intimidating emcee as part of the DITC (Diggin’ In The Crates) crew and developed a passion for the graffiti art form, which is evident to this day.

You can only assume Lil Wayne knew this already, letting the Terror Squad chief spray up his Miami mansion with his trademark “Crack” tag. That, or he knows he can just buy a new crib down the road at no hassle. Trivial stuff aside, it’ll be interesting to see if Dwayne makes this a regular thing, in a unique way to promote the art form in today’s current hip hop culture.

Check the photos below.

[via In Flex We Trust]