Snapshot: T.I. unveils ‘Trouble Man: Heavy Is The Head’ cover art & tracklist

Exciting news for T.I. fans: Clifford has just decided to reveal the tracklisting and cover art for his forthcoming album Trouble Man: Heavy Is The Head.

The project has just been given a firm release date of December 18th, and with a number of illustrious guests featured on the tracklist, it’s shaping up to be an exciting record. Tip’s Andre 3000 collaboration “Sorry” is all set for an exclusive iTunes release on November 27th, whilst another single with Cee-Lo Green will be released on December 11th. Other guests include Lil Wayne (who we’ve already heard on first single “Ball”), R.Kelly, A$AP Rocky, Meek Mill and Akon.

The Wild West theme on the cover, one covered in the past by artists as diverse as Will Smith and Mo Thugs, makes for an interesting piece of artwork, particularly with its mural-style gun.

Tracklist: T.I. – Trouble Man: Heavy Is The Head

1. The Introduction
2. G Season (Feat. Meek Mill)
3. Trap Back Jumpin
4. Wildside (Feat. A$AP Rocky)
5. Ball (Feta. Lil Wayne)
6. Sorry (Feat. André 3000)
7. Can You Learn (Feat. R. Kelly)
8. Go Get It
9. Guns and Roses (Feat. P!nk)
10. The Way We Ride
11. Cruisin’
12. Addresses
13. Hello (Feat. CeeLo Green)
14. Who Want Some
15. Wonderful Life (Feat. Akon)
16. Hallelujah