Snapshot: Nas unveils cover for new single “The Don”

Taking hiatuses are somewhat of a forte for Nas. After stepping back into the mindset of that hungry young rapper from the Queensbridge Projects and returning with “Nasty” in June of last year (with the video arriving later in October), God’s Son seemingly set up shop and took off once again, averting his focus on writing raps for K’Naan, Rick Ross and Chris Brown (the latter we have yet to look forward to).

Unveiling the cover art for his new single “The Don” today, however, indicates at a much more welcoming turn (or U-turn, depending on how you look at it). If the pinky piece is anything to go by, this forthcoming track looks to accompany “Nasty” in heavyweight company as the potential second single from the record.

Perhaps as fans we expect too much from our artists in this rushed internet age. It’s easy to forget that the veterans actually had time to breath in between projects once upon a time in the ’90s. Whatever the case for Nas, it’s been far too long since 2008’s Untitled. Just don’t keep us in suspense for too long, Mr. Jones.

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