Snapshot: Frank Ocean unveils “Versace” verse x fires shots at Chris Brown

frank ocean versace
After Drake single-handedly turned Atlanta trio, Migos’ “Versace” one of the most popular songs out today, with everyone oin hip hop doing their version of the track, Odd Future affiliated singer-songwriter Frank Ocean becomes the latest to jump on the bandwagon, in his own unique way of course.

The critically acclaimed artist took to his Tumblr in the early hours to unveil lyrics penned in the fashion of the catchy Migos track, opening up with lines clearly aimed at Chris Brown, with whom he has a few public run ins with and most recently Chris Brown refused to stand when Mr Ocean received his Grammy.

Frank goes on to mention his deleted twitter account and name checks Donatella Versace, Beyonce and other famous friends. Read the full lyrics below…

frank ocean versace

It’s not clear whether we will hear the recorded version or if one even exists, but i’m sure we’ll hear a Chris Brown response anytime soon.