Snapshot: DJ Khaled unveils ‘Suffering From Success’ album artwork

suffering from success

Is having money, fame, heavy diamond-encrusted jewelry and fur coats truly a hard thing, guys? Well it must be judging by the cover of DJ Khaled‘s September 24th album release, Suffering From Success. Khaled’s got his struggle pose on lock. Chin down in his greyish-blue soft (maybe chinchilla?) coat, hand cupping his forehead and eyes closed possibly because the pain is intolerable. Love it.

The flossy producer has been on a promotional binge lately with his viral proposal to Nicki Minaj and with a new Suffering From Success leak featuring Nicki (hence the faux proposal), Future and Rick Ross.

Well, I’m going to end this post with pictures of DJ Khaled suffering from success.

Life’s tough, b.