Snapshot: Cam’ron unveils ‘Killa Cam: The Gangster Side’ cover

Looks like Killa Cam‘s back for good. Since family matters forced him to take a three year hiatus in 2006 – after the release of Killa SeasonCam’ron‘s either been promoting his U.N. team member Vado or beefing (then later reconciling) with his Dipset brothers, so the solo grind has taken a backseat.

But with a newly unveiled cover for an upcoming project (yet to be confirmed as a mixtape, EP or studio album) entitled Killa Cam: The Gangster Side, his long standing fan base can possibly rejoice over the return of the Cameron Giles we loved from the Come Home With Me and Purple Haze era. The image used in the artwork is clearly of a young Killa, which may suggest so.

What’s more, news broke that the Harlem rapper might be collaborating with Mac Miller on a full-length project (I didn’t see that one coming either) after their joint track “Dig That” surfaced earlier this month.

We’ll keep you updated with the moves and shakes from the always-unpredictable Cam’ron.

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