Slaughterhouse talks album delays, mixtape possibilities, a Black Hippy collab + more [Video]

FUSE TV recently caught up with them Slaughterhouse boys and got the goods on why their debut album welcome to: OUR HOUSE was repeatedly delayed, whether they’re really collaborating with Black Hippy, and when we can expect that pre-album mixtape we’ve been hearing about.

While some would consider having your release date postponed a negative thing, the House Gang appreciates the extra time, using it as an opportunity to get things in better order.

“I’m always grateful for more time,” Joe Budden admits. “It gives you more time to be creative, more time to promote and think of more ways to raise the awareness out there. It’s a great thing for me.”

When asked if he felt the delays were a buzz-killer, Joey assures us that he’s not the least bit worried about that.

“Some people rely on buzz. We rely on some other things,” he says. “Some other things that can’t be taken away by other people — like talent.”

The crew also confirmed that they’d be working with TDE’s four-man group Black Hippy on the album, calling the collaboration “a priority” that just makes sense.

What they couldn’t confirm, though, is that mixtape they first mentioned during BET Awards weekend. Royce says that while they’d love to drop a tape full of free shit, there simply may not be enough time to properly put it together so close to their album release.

That kinda sucks, but makes perfect sense. A properly rolled-out album will always take priority over a mixtape.

Check out the interview below. welcome to: OUR HOUSE drops August 28th. For real this time.

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