Skunk Anansie Back With ‘Wanderlustre’ LP In September – “My Ugly Boy” Single Out Now

Is 2010 the year of the comeback?

Yet another band I dig make a welcome return with a new album: Skunk Anansie.

I’ve got a lot of time and respect for British rockers Skunk Anansie. Their first two albums in particular, Sunburnt and Paranoid and Stoosh, spurned so many memorable hit singles [including “Weak“, “Hedonism (Just Because You Feel Good)“, “Brazen (Weep)“, “Twisted (Everyday Hurts)“] and quality, original tracks loaded with incisive social commentary [“Intellectualise My Blackness,” “Little Baby Swastikkka” and “It Takes Blood & Guts to Be This Cool But I’m Still Just a Cliche” for early starters] that remains as relevant almost 15 years later.

Following a successful five-year run with three critically acclaimed studio albums selling over 5 million worldwide, the group disbanded in 2001 “to explore different individual interests”.

Comprised of the usual line-up (Deborah “Skin” Dyer, Richard “Cass” Lewis, Mark “Ace” Kent and Mark Richardson), 2010 sees Skunk Anansie back together in the present and ready to unleash a brand new project in a matter of weeks; the new album, titled Wonderlustre, is due for release on 13th September.

“We have a brand new vibe on this album, it came to us very naturally,” comments lead singer Skin. “For the first time ever all the beauty came out of jamming together, keeping the chemistry and circle of energy rock solid and understanding instinctively what works and what was utter tosh!”

The group’s new single “My Ugly Boy” is available for purchase now [see video below] and will be followed by the Wonderlustre LP on September 13th. Head on over to the album’s own microsite for the full album tracklisting, tour dates, pre-order links and all that good stuff.

“My Ugly Boy” Purchase Links: iTunes / Amazon / HMV / Play

Skin also speaks to Geoff Lloyd at Absolute Radio about the band’s return, touring weird countries and their new album Wonderlustre:

Watch the full live session over at AbsoluteRadio, including a performance of their 1996 classic “Weak,” and three cuts from the new album.

Skunk Anansie online: Website / Facebook / Twitter / MySpace / YouTube

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