Sid Sriram covers The Beatles’ “Yesterday” [Video]

Sid Sriram Yesterday

Sid Sriram is currently working on the sequel to West Coast Nightfall; Before Dusk and he’s releasing it completely independently. The Los Angeles-based singer has launched a campaign on Indiegogo, a funding online platform, to raise $10,000 and kicked off the fundraiser with a rendition of The Beatles’ classic song, “Yesterday.”

Slow and sweet, with just a guitar playing in the background, Sid recreates the timeless track. Stay tuned every Wednesday because he will be releasing a new video every week. Also, if you want to pitch in to support a great talent, click here to be directed to the fundraiser for West Coast Nightfall pt. II. For $100, he’ll sing a song of your choice and dedicate it to you on his YouTube page. Not a bad deal.

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