Nicki Minaj returns to Twitter | Music News

In what has to be the happiest news of the year for the 11 million-plus “Barbz” who followed her every 140-character statement, Nicki Minaj has officially reactivated her Twitter account after a nine-day hiatus.

Actually, not all of the 11 million followers she originally had seem to be all that excited about her return, as the resurrected @NickiMinaj account only boasted just under 315,000 followers at press time. But you know those Barbz are a loyal bunch, so we shouldn’t be surprised if that number skyrockets in the coming weeks (or days, or hours, or minutes).

Why Minaj deactivated her account in the first place was a point of confusion for many. Rumors initially blamed the exodus on a fansite that allegedly leaked the MC’s music, prompting her to leave the social networking site in a huff.

She refuted those claims in an interview with the UK’s Capital FM, saying that she “just needed a moment” to herself and that she wouldn’t delete her Twitter over something posted on a website.

During an appearance on BBC’s The Graham Norton Show, Minaj said (jokingly) that a voice in her head made her delete her Twitter; and when begged by Radio 1’s Tim Westwood to return, she flat out refused.

It’s not like we didn’t know all along that she’d eventually be back — I mean, everybody knows that when you deactivate you have 30 days to change your mind — but why all the drama?

One word: publicity.

This Twitter debacle was a major talking point during EVERY appearance Minaj made during her press run through the UK, and if you think that wasn’t by design you should stick a quarter in your ass ’cause you’re playin’ yourself. (What up, Kane!)

Nicki Minaj is a star. It’s not like she wouldn’t have been talked about anyway, but adding a bit of fuel to the conversational fire never hurt anyone.

Well played, Roman. Well played.

Minaj has yet to make a peep — uhh… tweet — since her return, but when she does I’m sure it’ll be front-page news somewhere on the web.

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