Shea – “Where Did You Go” | New Music

London based singer & songwriter Shea‘s debut single, “Where Did You Go,” is an excellent introduction to a talented artist on the rise. Backed by a beautiful big band sound, the soulful singer delivers a bittersweet ode dedicated to a former lover. It should come as no surprise that the production sounds as amazing as it does, because it is produced by Mercury Award nominated producer Drew Horley.

Shea’s timeless voice brings together jazz and soul influences in a way that can be appreciated by all, and while the subject of a lost lover is all too familiar in the music world, Shea manages to sound strong and defiant as opposed to vulnerable and remorseful, giving a new flavor to an familiar concept.

Shea’s debut album, Grey Skies & Rainbow Fingernails, is expected to release some time in 2013.