Shaun Riley – #LifeGoesOn… AND ON! | New R&B Mixtape

In a country where a majority of it’s homegrown R&B artists, looking to hit the big time on the UK charts, continually choose to release music that sounds more like bland Euro Pop trash, it is always a pleasant surprise to come across an actual R&B artist who releases music which genuinely sounds like R&B, all be it with a slight Pop flair.

To pleasure the palette of starving British R&B fans, whom have grown fed up with the lack of homegrown R&B, Shaun Riley has unleashed the follow-up to his 2010 mixtape, with #LifeGoesOn… AND ON!

The 17 year old singer and younger brother of Jermaine Riley [of UK R&B trio, FDM] has put together a respectable 17 track mixtape, that conceptually is in line with a new generation of young Twitter users by beginning all of his song titles with a ‘hash tag.’ However, that’s where pseudo marketing concepts stop as the tape is packed with sultry, uptempo and pop sounding songs that will appease even the most commercial R&B fan.

#LifeGoesOn… AND ON! features stand out songs such as “#saygoodbye”, “#LifeGoesOn”, “#house” (the mixtape’s first single – see video below) and my personal favorite, “#heartbeats”.

Similar to Dondria’s Dondria Duets series, the mixtape also features Shaun’s own fresh reinterpretations of two contemporary R&B songs; “#lovingyounomore”, originally by Diddy-Dirty Money and “#mylove” originally by Nicki Minaj.

Even at such a young age, this body of work will help proves that Shaun Riley is already ahead of many of his British R&B peers, most of whom are a lot order than him.

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