Shakka flips Frank Ocean’s “Thinking About You” Shakkapella style [Video]

Originally penned by Frank Ocean for Roc Nation singer Bridget Kelly, both of whom have dropped solid recordings of the song, West London singer/songwriter Shakka takes on “Thinking About You” [or “Thinking About Forever,” depending on who’s version you’re listening to] for the latest in his series of ‘Shakkapellas’.

I was quite fond of his flip of Beyonce‘s “End Of Time,” but I’ve got to say I find this one to be an abrasive, noisy experience, leaving me strongly yearning for Frank or Bridget‘s versions. I think it’s partly his intermittently brash delivery, which erodes much of the song’s emotion, and partly the unnecessary lyrical adaptations – the original song had enough subtle wit and character to begin with. Just my opinion.

Nonetheless, it’s an interesting audiovisual experience, really beautifully filmed and edited by HouseOfAlt. Check it out below and let us know what you think.

All that said, Shakka’s still a creative voice to look out for from the UK, and should you want to investigate further download his mixtape The Shakka Crown Affair here.

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