Sean Price – “Smoov P” | New Music

Touch talking, no bullshit emcee Sean Price has had us (his starving fans) “patiently” waiting for the release of his Mic Tyson LP for a very, very long time. Up until a few hours ago, I pretty much placed Mic Tyson under my Dr. Dre Detox banner of albums artists constantly promise will come out but have for many years failed to see the light of day. That is, until Mandela P decided to bless the Internets with “Smoov P” – a track recorded during his Mic Tyson sessions but unfortunately was left on the cutting room floor.

Take a listen below as Price takes a luscious sidestep from what many have come to know him for WITHOUT MISSING STEP, which is very rare in the Hip Hop game. This track is so dope it’ll leave you scratching my head wondering as to why the hell he’d cut this from his album. With that being said, P must have a lot of confidence in his “finished” project to let such an ill track go.