SClusive Premiere: The Child Of Lov – “Give Me” (Two Inch Punch Remix) | Music Video

TCOL2013 3 (credit Dan Wilton)

The mysterious musical entity known as The Child of Lov got in contact with us via the matrix in the early hours Morpheus style, and presented us with something special to share with our readers…
The enigmatic artist’s latest single “Give Me” was given the remix treatment by fast rising London based production wizard Two Inch Punch (real name Ben ash) and we can SClusively unveil the re-worked visual accompaniment for your viewing pleasure.

When we asked The Child Of Lov how the remix came about, he retreated into the hazy matrix only for one of his representatives to appear and breakdown the events, “Two Inch Punch found TCOL online way before almost anyone else had heard of him and got in touch to say he liked the music. Then by pure coincidence when TCOL arrived at Damon Albarn’s 13 studios to record it turned out that Two Inch was working on some beats in the studio there too. The two artists were already fans of each other so once their paths crossed this remix followed.

You could call it Destiny!”

Press play and enjoy below…

“Give Me” is available digitally right now and physically on Feb 25.