SClusive Premiere: Devine Carama – “Dear Beloved (Letter To Rapsody)” | New Music


Preparing the release of his No Child Left Behind LP, Devine Carama allows us to share a brand new track SClusively to wet listeners tastebuds in the form of “Dear Beloved (Letter To Rapsody)”.

Confessing a love for Jamla emcee Rapsody, “Dear Beloved (Letter To Rapsody)” displays an admiration from one emcee to another. Over DJ Well-Blended‘s soulfully potent instrumental, that actually mirrors something Rap’s mentor 9th Wonder would produce, Carama gives respect where respect is due and even compares Rapsody to the legendary MC Lyte – “In a game full of darkness you emcee light/ You’re the reincarnation of MC Lyte.”

Supporting the release with a few lines about Rapsody, Camara admits, “I first heard Rap when I moved to NC a couple years ago. She was a breathe of fresh air. Not just lyrically but content-wise. I know she doesn’t like to be looked at as a “female” MC but rather a rapper period, but you can’t deny the alternate style she brings vs. the “sex symbol” image that dominates most of the “female” MCs today. My daughters love her. I felt it was only right to show respect and love and hopefully turn some more people on to her.

Check out “Dear Beloved (Letter To Rapsody)” below.

Representing Lexington, KY, Devine Carama is a lyrically educational spitter whose message seems to be one fed up with the non-progressive music that appears to receive more love than the authentic Hip-Hop. Music of the soul, whether it’s confessing he doesn’t visit Worldstar due to having much more love for his people on the uplifting “Stars”, or having fun as an emcee on “Light Switch Flow”, he’s a lyricist with many flows, styles and stories.

June 28th sees Carama release his new LP No Child Left Behind. SClusive to SoulCulture, the tracklisting for the album has arrived. See the entire track layout below and be sure to stop by on Friday to download the free LP.


You can follow Devine Carama on Twitter @DevineCarama

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