Schoolboy Q – My Favourite Verse (“Cycle”) | SoulCulture.TV caught up with West Coast rapper Schoolboy Q at SXSW in Texas to find out his favourite self-penned verse. Reciting the lyrics, he identifies the second verse of “Cycle,” from his debut album Setbacks. “The death I was talking about was basically my life,” he explains.

“Coming up, 17, my mum was working at night, I didn’t have no pops around me so, I’m 17, my mom she never really notice that I’m outside doing what I’m doing…” he adds. “She can’t really hold me; no father figure, she gotta make her money, so I’m there alone; I’ma do what the homies are telling me to do…”

Filmed by Versetti, Edited by Andres Albert for

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