Sasha Go Hard x I.L Will – ‘Hip Hop vs. Love’ Mixtape | Stream/Download

Chicago’s Sasha Go Hard lives up to her alias throughout her latest mixtape, Hip Hop vs. Love, which also features I.L. Will of rap group M.I.C. Sasha recently told the Huffington Post that she was inspired by Lil’ Kim at a young age, and that quickly becomes apparent when listening to Hip Hop Vs Love, as she aggressively combines confident sexuality with aggressive tendencies throughout.

Sasha released her first mixtape, Do You Know Who I Am? earlier this year, making waves beyond south side Chicago with her combination of mischievousness and rough rhymes. Her latest project Hip Hop Vs Love is a quick listen, capping off at only ten tracks. As indicated by the title, the album covers a much broader spectrum than the typical violent mindset of Chicago rap, as Sasha and Will balance emotions and perspectives, presenting a more full view of Chicago life while remaining true to their roots.

As Sasha told Pitchfork TV, the mixtape addresses Sasha’s undulating relationship with her ex-boyfriend, a concept that many of her peers can easily identify with. This project is not filled with sappy love ballads but instead investigates and details the difficulties of balancing love with the danger of the Chicago lifestyle as, opposed to idealistic romance, listeners are exposed to the faults, inconsistencies and issues that emanate from youthful lust.

Stream the tape below, and download via DatPiff.