Ryan Leslie tells Interview: “Les Is More is the most honest reflection of who I am”

“Until this album, I paid little attention to lyrics. I was generally content with the marriage between a great melody over an interesting and moving instrumental arrangement. Often the lyrical offering was elementary and secondary to the more sophisticated musical contribution,” R&B singer, songwriter and now rapper Ryan Leslie tells Interview Magazine about his new album, Les Is More.

“Writing a rap album has encouraged me to really explore the power of words to increase the potency of my expression. This album is the most honest reflection of who I am and what I’m experiencing that I have ever written. Its subject matter is covers everything from my frustration with regards to my perception as an artist to my lifestyle to my vices.”

On his inspiration for Les Is More Ryan reveals, “Really, I’ve written almost every song on every album about a girl that I’m pursuing or that has broken my heart to smithereens.”

The Harvard graduate also speaks on home, his musical roots, Stevie Wonder, producing (“producing kept the lights on and gave me the capital necessary to fuel my artist ambitions”), finding his voice, his pre-show rituals and his passion for performing.

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Ryan Leslie’s new album, Les Is More is due for release on July 4.