Ryan Leslie remixes Fabolous’ – “Life Is So Exciting” | New Music

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Ryan Leslie grabs Fabolous‘ “Life Is So Exciting” collaboration with Pusha T (Watch the official video here), from the NY rapper’s recently released mixtape S.O.U.L Tape 2, and drops off a few rhymes for his fans.

The producer, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and rapper, who released his Les Is more album in October, decided to add a new verse to the cut describing some of the opulence in his life the which can be listened to below.

Listen To: Ryan Leslie “Life Is So Exciting (Remix)”

Black tints, black suits
Black trucks, black boots
Black chucks, bandanas
My Spanish chick she loves Santana
Supernatural, Carlos
Buyin’ cash, no car notes
Boss status, Donnie Ienner
Your wife but that’s my v—–
Take a picture, it’ll last longer
You fast talking, I’m cash talking
Past talking ’bout old problems
My new crib it got gold columns
Statues, Hirst skulls
Learjet to my rehearsal
Wool coat with that mink lining
My Black Card is not declining
I’m certified, Chase Private
Self-made but I stay striving
Red ‘Rari, I’m race driving
Switching lanes
And I’m face timing my accountant
Stock trades
Short selling, I’m not afraid
High risk, high reward
So blessed, my Lord
The life!

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