Ryan Leslie performs “One Lonely Heart” for first time in Switzerland [Video]

Honestly, I’m not usually the biggest fan of Ryan Leslie‘s rapping (to put it diplomatically) but this is pretty cool.  He debuted this new joint from his forthcoming album Les Is More at Switzerland’s Openair Frauenfeld at the weekend. The live guitar sounds phenomenal and for once his rapping is vaguely convincing.

The thing with Ryan Leslie is that he’s an outstanding instrumentalist and a good songwriter. He’s definitely not any kind of rapper, and he certainly isn’t the “Black Bob Dylan” (as he annoints himself on this track).  Despite this, he’s releasing a rap album in September. To his credit, the stuff he’s released so far is getting a great reaction, so perhaps he’ll do what Tyrese couldn’t and successfully make the transition from R&B singer to rapper. Remember that Black Ty nonsese?!