Ryan Leslie delays release of Les Is More album | Music News

If you were looking out for Ryan Leslie‘s album Les Is More, this past Monday, July 4 you’ll have to wait a bit longer as Ryan decided to push back this release date.

Ryan tweeted: “I will not drop this album without a proper campaign! It started today. Thank u all for showing up in the rain and walking for artistic and creative freedom” with a link to his facebook with the picture above, taken with fans on a rainy afternoon in NYC political rally stylee.

To be fair, this is probably a good move – if not for the PR alone,  Ryan has always been an artist that doesn’t get the promotion he deserves for whatever reason. He’s a real musician that at least deserves a proper campaign, and no doubt the wait for Les Is More will be worth it. There’s currently no release date for Les Is More other than ‘fall’ but let’s hope we at least get a couple more music videos to tie us over.