Russell Simmons tells America to “get off Rihanna’s dick”

Bajan hottie Rihanna has been continuously making the headlines as of late. Not for her undeniably impressive work ethic or recently released tracks however, but for rumours of her reportedly promiscuous, trouble making, party-hard lifestyle. Previously alone sticking her middle fingers in the air in self defence, Russel Simmons has penned a blog post entitled “Get off Rihanna’s dick.”

If that wasn’t enough to get your attention – the contents of the post certainly is. The hip-hop pioneer even raises a very good point (or two.)

“There have been a lot of artists recently talking about “good girl gone bad,” Rihanna,” he writes. “As far as I’m concerned, I don’t see why everyone has their panties up in a bunch.”

He goes on to say: “It’s just that she is out there allegedly fuckin’ the rockstars of her dreams and you out there fuckin’ groupies. You can’t be mad that she was seen walking out of Ashton Kutcher’s house late one night, cause you know if you were seen walking out of Adriana Lima’s house late one night, you would be in the studio the next day rapping about it.” (- YES!)

The rant continues: “I mean, you all got like 50 girls in your videos drooling over you and you dissing Rihanna? I can’t blame a girl for being independent, having fun and living her life the way she wants to.”

What do you guys think? Does Mr. Simmons have a point?