Royce Da 5’9″ – “Random Bars” | New Music

#NickleNineBack… Yes you read it right, Detroit city’s own Royce Da 5’9″ is back with some new music for his growing fan base. Produced by AraabMuzik, “Random Bars”, to say the very least is Royce at his lyrical finest. Even though the proverbial Hip Hop quotable is not as prevalent as it once was, one can’t help but rewind the track over and over to hear Nickle Nine spit vomit a whole bunch of them, and then some, such as “I’m a schizophrenic, mental clinic, pencil penin’, pimp lieutenant, livin’ to fight, which if you flinch you in it, quit pretendin’ that you saved, I’m simply sent to be sinin'”, “The only beefin’ I’m doing with pussy is screwin’, your crew is in ruin, we eating and all you doing is chewin'”, “I got a right hand that’s Debo cold, run into it playing and you’ll end up with Steve-O’s nose“, “I played the tune of violence for hours with the same guns the Nas used in “I Gave You Power” rewind and listen back” and “I’ll get your broad pregnant then I’ll pay to abort it with a card over the phone”. There are are few more quotable lines that Ryan vomits on this heat rock but I’d be spoiling it for you. So as always… Enjoy!

Listen… Royce Da 5’9″ – “Random Bars”