RoxXxan – Westwood Crib Sessions Freestyle [Video]

Brummy talent RoxXxan is the latest guest on Tim Westwood‘s Crib Sessions, and with the experienced DJ on the ones and twos, she delivers five minutes of aggressive, energetic bars over two very different kinds of beat.

Westwood kicks things off with an altered version of  XXYYXX’s “About You”, a trippy, nodding affair that leaves RoxXxan to build any momentum for herself. She doesn’t disappoint; moving from a standing start to triple time in less than a minute, the emcee raps her way through complex rhyme schemes, dropping backpack bars with more than a little edge:

“Must be patient but I cant wait/I need me a yard with a pool and a R8/a Beamer and a range/nah I’m joking right now I need change/a beat, a mic and a permanent stage/trying to find my a feet in this permanent cage”.

Then, from around 3.14 she has to switch it up as a new, bass-driven banger drops behind her. This time she goes on all out attack mode, losing the backpack and announcing herself with fury on the mic. It’s a mark of how feisty she can be, but it’s also a sign of her dexterity as an emcee.

Watch the full freestyle below:

Look out for RoxXxan’s mixtape/free album Prepare For When I Land which will be released in December.