Riz f/ Drake – ‘Waiting Up’ | New Music

Harlem-based MC Riz has released a track that sounds like a So Far Gone leftover. “Waiting Up,” featuring Toronto rapper-singer-songwriter extraordinaire Drake, wasn’t supposed to debut until May 1st but somehow we’re getting it early.

Still, all is not well, as much turmoil surrounds this very ambient Noah “40” Shebib-produced single.

Riz is allegedly using this verse without Drake’s permission, but from how Riz tells it, Drake was paid for the verse then went back on his word. Riz was seen talking about the single a few days ago in a YouTube video, but Drake had it pulled from the internet soon after. “Drake shut my interview down and had his lawyer send a threat,” is how Riz recaps the situation on Twitter. Those close to Drake are saying the song was originally a demo from two years back that Riz somehow got his hands on.

It’s unclear what the end results of this situation will be, so for now let’s just enjoy the music.

Listen To: Riz f/ Drake – “Waiting Up”