Rihanna mourns Grandmother’s passing, still performs at Swedish festival | Music News

Yesterday, Rihanna was preparing to headline Sweden’s annual Peace & Love Festival in front of a huge crowd when she was hit with the news that her beloved Grandma, affectionately referred to as “Gran Gran Dolly,” had passed away after a long battle with cancer. Not one to let her fans down, however, the popstar fulfilled her duties and still performed.

Since they were none the wiser about Rihanna’s grief, the festival crowd was understandably agitated when the singer arrived 45mins late for her set. When she finally hit the stage, many assumed she was under the influence — either high or drunk — and were not at all pleased with her performance.

In hindsight, it would be fair to say that maybe she was just grieving at the loss of such a close relative and only performed so as to not disappoint her (usually) adoring fans.

Things only got worse later in the night when Rihanna performed “Redemption Song,” as she confused which country she was in and mistakenly dedicated the song to Norway instead of Sweden. Many walked out of the show early, taking to Twitter to condemn the singer’s performance — but when they saw Rihanna’s timeline this morning it probably made a bit more sense.

Rihanna flooded her Twitter timeline with goodbye messages to her beloved grandma as well as several pictures of the pair together, mostly at Miss Dolly’s bedside during her long struggle with cancer.

Rihanna recently postponed a long trip to London so she could stay in New York and spend more time with her ailing grandma.