Rihanna begins countdown for ‘Where Have You Been’ video | Music News

Not content with simply starring in new Battleships film or spending the weekend partying and performing at Coachella, Rihanna has now officially commenced the countdown for her “Where Have You Been” video via her Facebook fan page.

Last Friday, the cover picture on her account was changed to the cover art for the single along with the words “The Countdown Begins…” Since then two stills from the video have been uploaded, giving fans an idea as to what the final outcome will look like. Both images are in black and white, showing the popstar wearing very little clothing but making up for it with chunky jewelry while surrounded by flowers and branches.

“Where Have You Been” was written and produced by Calvin Harris and Dr. Luke with an uptempo dance vibe throughout. Judging by the success of “We Found Love,” Rihanna’s last collaboration with Calvin Harris and her longest-reigning number one single, “Where Have You Been” has big shoes to fill.

No date yet on when the video will be released, but knowing Rihanna it’ll be any day now.

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