Rihanna accused of stealing photographer’s idea for “You Da One” video

No, this isn’t an old story. It’s happened again. After recently settling out of court with photographer David LaChapelle over claims that his work was copied in her “S&M” video, Rihanna is yet again being accused of stealing ideas.

The singer’s recent video “You Da One,” from her sixth album Talk That Talk, shows obvious references to the film A Clockwork Orange, but it’s fashion photographer Solve Sundsbo who is accusing the singer of taking ideas from his 2008 Numero 93 photo shoot collection.

Scenes from the video, directed by Melina Matsoukas, are very reminiscent of the photographer’s work, with Rihanna wearing a nude body suit, having striped and polka dot lights projected on her; just like the models in Sundsbo’s photographs…

But should Rihanna really be the one held responsible for this, or should it fall on the shoulders of the creative director for the video?

[via AceShowbiz]