Rick Ross Is Set To Break Erykah Badu Out Of Jail In “Window Seat Remix” Video

(As long as he keeps his DDs covered I’m good!)

Rick Ross has spoken to MTV about the video for his remix of Erykah Badu‘s “Window Seat” (The original video kicked up controversy and a half!!) which will star Erykah herself!!

“I had to come get the queen,” Ross said about the video. “They had her boxed up.” The clip starts with Ross coming to get the Grammy-winning songstress from jail. “It was only right. I was swerving through Dallas in that Porsche Panorama turbo. I had to slide up on her, scoop her up. We got back to business. We went on another caper. It’s basically, we continuing where the first ‘Window Seat’ ended. Where she was assassinated and ultimately scooped up and arrested. We continuing from there.”

Erm…. Will Erykah be returning as a Zombie??
Cus the “Window Seat” video ended like this>>

[audio:http://soulculture.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/Erykah-Badu-ft.-Rick-Ross-Window-Seat-Remix-CurrentHipHop.com_.mp3|titles=Erykah Badu (ft. Rick Ross) – Window Seat (Remix) ]