Rick Ross discusses ‘Sixteen’ with Andre 3000, Rockie Fresh signing + more [Audio]

With his Maybach Music empire making their usual big moves this Summer, label head Rick Ross had a lot to discuss when he called into Bootleg Kev‘s radio show on Power 98.3. First up, he spoke on two particularly exciting cuts from his upcoming solo album, God Forgives, I Don’t – “3 Kings” featuring Dr. Dre and Jay-Z and “Sixteen” featuring Andre 3000 – elaborating on the latter a little more.

“Sometimes sixteen bars is not enough to really express yourself,” he said of the concept behind the record, which he calls a “classic”. “We just went to that next level, and I think for people to hear Andre do what he did, I’ma let y’all count how many bars he did.”

Ross also revealed that 3 Stacks gets even more creative on the song – not just with the wordplay.

“He pulled out the guitar and banjo on this one, and he sang a little bit at the end of it, it just broke all the rules of making a standard record.”

MMG have also been in the headlines recently for acquiring 21-year-old Chicago native Rockie Fresh. Accordingly, the Bawse spoke on how the deal came about.

“I was introduced to one of his videos by the name of ‘Into The Future’… I was just watching this video, I stayed up a couple nights and Googled basically all of his videos,” he revealed. “I was just a fan at that point, loving how the homie was coming across, he just kept everything so simple and straightforward, and just had dope lyrics and dope hooks and concepts.

“I flew him out, and we kicked it, and he went back home, and of course everything else just went to work.”

In the interview, Ross also discussed the musical balance of his MMG roster, his continued progression from album-to-album and much more. You can listen to the full audio below.