Rhye – “Open” | New Music

I can’t lie: I metaphorically kicked myself earlier on today when I realised that this track by LA-based duo Rhye has been sat on my iPod for over a month now, patiently waiting for fate (or whatever bit of code generates a random sequence of songs in Shuffle mode) to bring it to my attention via an unsolicited play. That long-awaited first spin came this morning, in circumstances that only code-triggered randomness could have  constructed – immediately after the new Justin Bieber single.

Anyway, now the apologetic pre-amble is out of the way, let’s get down to business – as is the fashion these days, there’s not a whole lot of information about Rhye. We know (or at least “understand”) that they’re a duo, currently based in Los Angeles, but both originally from Europe and signed to LA label Innovative Leisure. Their debut track “Open” is an delicate slice of synth-R&B – part Sade and part Gotye, it succeeds at being simple and simultaneously dense and atmospheric. Great stuff, check it out below.