Ren Harvieu : Get Familiar

Whilst not a fan of the recent BBC Sound of 2012 list, for criminally omitting the likes of Daughter and Lucy Rose, what it did do is introduce me – and now you – to 21-year old Salford, Manchester singer and songwriter Ren Harvieu.

You may heard one or all of the following being touted around about Ren Harvieu: she is the next Duffy, the next Rumer, the next Adele, the next Brit Soul girl to conquer the charts (along with Lianne La Havas of course) – and these comparisons, assertions or whatever you want to call them are all totally WRONG. Because while Ren Harvieu is many things – pitch perfect, effortless, powerful, atmospheric and a MySpace discovery just to mention a few – she surely doesn’t fit into any of the boxes previously mentioned above, certainly not least a “Brit Soul girl”.

In fact Ren Harvieu is more Indie and classic ’60s Pop than 21st Century Brit Soul – she’s more Shelby Lynn than Adele – and you only have to listen to her debut single “Through The Night” to realize and appreciate this. The vocals are undeniable as you’d expect but there’s something more about the woman’s presence and vocal tones on the record that captivates you in a way that is miles apart from anything in the current UK mainstream music landscape.

Sadly things haven’t quite worked out on schedule for the Manchurian because back in May and on the verge of releasing her debut album via Island Records, performing at Glastonbury and dueting with Hip Hop legend Nas, Ren Harvieu was involved in a freak accident which left her in hospital with a broken back and the prospects of never walking again.

Miraculously the 21-year old is back on her feet, having recently toured with James Morrison and is of course also one of the BBC’s Sounds of 2012, a mean feat in itsely. So hopefully 2012 becomes the year that this “not so Brit Soul girl” with a certain je n’est ce quoi takes her rightful place, center stage in British mainstream music. For now though, I bet it must feel amazing for Ren Harvieu just to be able to walk again.

Ren Harvieu – “Forever In Blue”:

Ren Harvieu’s debut single “Through The Night” is out on January 16, 2012.

Ren Harvieu online: / Facebook / @RenHarvieu / Soundcloud / Myspace