Reggae singer Diana King opens up about her sexuality: ‘I AM A LESBIAN’ | News

In the midst of the chatter surrounding singer Frank Ocean‘s recent revelation about his sexuality, another singer from across the globe has followed suit. Jamaica-hailing Reggae singer Diana King recently admitted to being a lesbian in a note posted to her Facebook account.

“I AM A LESBIAN,” King declared in the post. “The answer to my most asked INDIRECT question. I welcome the ‘WHO CARES’ right now LOL.”

The singer, who is most commonly known for her 1994 hit “Shy Guy,” explained why she believed it was the right time to come out from hiding:

“I answer now, not because it’s anyone’s business BUT because IT FEELS RIGHT WITH my SOUL and I believe by not answering or hiding it all these years somehow makes it appear as if I AM ASHAMED OF IT or THAT I BELIEVE IT IS WRONG. I FEEL NEITHER OF THOSE THINGS … or I would have grown my hair.

“HONESTLY SPEAKING, I have always been AFRAID to admit it openly, because of the UNKNOWN of what it may cause negatively, to me my career my family and loved ones. But I realized that it is not my job to make others COMFORTABLE, I AM ONLY RESPONSIBLE FOR MY LIFE, the stuff U think about on your deathbed and at this point in my life I DO NOT CARE about the things that FRIGHTEN me anymore.”

King goes on to explain that her biggest regret was to not admitting her sexuality much earlier in her career, which she said she didn’t do because she worried about how others would react:

“My biggest regret is that I didn’t COME OUT earlier because being silent has held me back from being ALL that I was born to be. The DEEP FEAR that I’ve had, especially that my own JAMAICAN PEOPLE will judge me and not accept me because of their homophobia has been a heavy burden. I fly my country’s flag HIGH.”

[Source: HuffingtonPost]