Redman talks soulful influences, New Jersey misconceptions + weed pet peeves [Video]


While out at the ninth annual Brooklyn Hip-Hop festival earlier this month, Redman stopped for a quick chat with Mass Appeal about a number of different topics, ranging from his humble beginnings in music to his weed pet peeves.

During the short interview of quick-fire questions, Redman talks about his soulful early music influences – which include Jackson 5, James Brown, Sly & The Family Stone and The Commodores – as well as his favourite records and the grittier side of the New Jersey music scene, that isn’t all dance and club music. “We’ve got some legends out there,” he affirms.

He also explains how he got the name ‘Redman’, as it all came about when a girl threw a snowball at his face. Watch his interview with Mass Appeal below for the full story.