Rebecca Ferguson signs new deal with EMI | Music News

Despite not winning the X Factor, Rebecca Ferguson has definitely emerged as the true star among the graduates of 2011. For, after shifting over 450,000 copies of critically acclaimed debut album Heaven, the Liverpool-born singer has inked a deal with EMI Music Publishing, after the company was so impressed by her ability as a songwriter. 

Ferguson, who broke typical X Factor boundaries after co-writing each of her 10 album tracks, tells MusicWeek: “I’m so excited to be working with EMI Music Publishing. They have such a great history and so many fantastic songwriters have signed with them. I’m looking forward to a successful and creative relationship.”

EMI Music Publishing president, Guy Moot, adds: “We are thrilled to have signed Rebecca. Her career is off to a flying start and her talent as a songwriter is undeniable. The whole team have been deeply impressed by Rebecca’s natural songwriting ability from the start.

“She writes honestly and from the heart and that allows her to connect with people. We’re now looking forward to creating opportunities for her music to be heard on a worldwide stage.”

Impressive to say the least, but not surprising in the slightest, given we’ve seen many-a-time the X Factor runner-up go on to outperform the actual winner.

Her debut single “Nothing’s Real But Love” is already beginning to make an impact stateside after being serviced to Urban Adult Contemporary radio stations last month. Meanwhile, current UK single “Too Good To Lose” is out now.

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