RBMA On The Floor: Bilal Live at La Bellevilloise | Concert Audio

We’re all completely spoilt. Each day, more hours of music than hours in the day is sent to our inboxes spanning genres we love – and whilst there’s much mediocrity to sift through, there are always some gems. It’s easy to forget that five years ago, let alone ten, there wasn’t remotely the same volume of quality mixtapes, albums, streams and the like floating about the net for your perusal – FOR FREE.

Now half the artistic world crafts entire EPs and albums for the sole purpose of giving away to an eager fanbase for nothing in return but some Likes, RTs and blogs… In the hopes that we’ll still reach into our pockets for live shows and good products.

It’s a struggle and Bilal Oliver‘s been through it all; label bullshit, a bootlegged and shelved album and the resultant perception of ‘invisibility’, however inaccurate that was as he continued to gig widely.

Anyone who’s been to see Bilal perform live – particularly in recent years – knows those tribulations have never stopped him from giving the fans what they want; a good ass show.

As a reminder, Red Bull Music Academy Radio have uploaded this delightful recording of Bilal performing live at La Bellevilloise in Paris earlier this month. Press play and appreciate the artists who really make the effort.