Ray J unveils Kim Kardashian inspired single “I Hit It First” | New Music


While everyone knows the story of how Kim Kardashian became a household name, apparently singer Ray J still wants to remind people 10 years after the pair’s infamous sex tape was made that he was there first on the aptly titled “I Hit It First”.

The song which features Bobby Brackins, and has leaked a few days earlier than the previously announced April 8th premiere date, will garner almost as much hype as the blurred image of Kim Kardashian on the cover which set social networks on fire last night. When was the last time anyone checked for a Ray J record? Anyone? Well, with all eyes and ears are now fixated on this release press play to hear what the singer has to say.

With Kardashian now one of the world’s most recognised socialites, not only is she one of the most famous non-famous people in the world but she’s also now pregnant and in a high-profile relationship with Kanye West. So why the sudden need for Ray J to bring up the fact that he was with her first? Is this an ego thing? Is he jealous? Whatever the reason, perhaps it’s time for him to let it go.

We’ll leave the last word on this mess to Ray J..