Rare Footage Of Kanye West & His Mother Donda West Rapping | Video

In this rare video clip of Kanye and his late mother Donda West, We see Mrs West reminiscing over a Kanye verse that she really loved and spitting the lyrics to her son, who then begins to rap the verse with his mother doing the ad-libs.
This is just a beautiful moment and shows how much Donda West supported Kanye and was his rock before she passed away in November 10, 2007.

People never get the flowers, while they can still smell emKanye West – “Big Brother”

Sidebar for Me: My Dad is currently in hospital with a heart issue and this video here just reminded me that I need to take the time to make sure that I appreciate every moment that I have with the ones I Love and who Love and support me.
I can’t actually word how much Love and support my Dad has shown me In every aspect of my life and career, but I know that I am eternally grateful.