Raphael Saadiq speaks on Adrian Marcel’s ‘7 Days Of Weak’ mixtape [Video]


Putting out a video to inform fans of what they can expect from new singing sensation Adrian Marcel‘s upcoming mixtape – 7 Days Of Weak – his mentor Raphael Saadiq breaks down his admiration for his fellow Bay Area artist and keeps listeners informed of what they are about to be gifted with musically.

While Saadiq is supposed to be championing Marcel due to him being his protege and all, the passion and conviction in Saadiq’s mannerisms are that of a man who truly believes is what Marcel is doing for music.

Having already given us “Waiting” [as well as the Wale featured remix] and the delightfully smooth “I’m Still”, Marcel drops his new mixtape 7 Days Of Weak today at 12:30 EST. Fans of soul, neo soul, R&B, and pretty much any genre that just makes you feel good, need to be sure they lock in here when the tape goes live.

Check out Raphael Saadiq’s endorsement below.