Rakim: My Favourite Verse (“The Punisher”) | SoulCulture.TV

We, the Hip Hop fan, all have an imaginary library of memorable lyrics engrained in the brain by our top emcees. Turning the camera to the emcees who lay down those iconic rhymes, SoulCulture TV caught up with rap legend Rakim in London after performing alongside BlackStar and De La Soul at the Science Of Speech concert held in May, to find out his favourite self-penned verse.

The legendary God Emcee selects “The Punisher” from his 1992 album with Eric B Don’t Sweat The Technique [which samples The Chicago Gangsters‘ “Gangster Boogie”] and explains why the verse always stands out to him as one of his favourites – watch below.

That little four bars, two bars right there at that time was kinda like the new style to pop off… For some reason it was just one of them things I felt, like ‘That’s it right there.’

“At certain times you may feel it’s a different verse or a different joint,” he adds, “but coming up I just remember all the time that little couple bars there… I don’t wanna be rude but, it kinda made my joint hard!”

Filmed by Versetti, Edited by Louis Melvin.

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