Rah Digga Throws Down The Gauntlet With “Straight Spittin IV”

Harriet Thugman is back! The New Jersey emcee has finally released the track that sent the internet into a frothy-mouthed craze when it appeared on the leaked Classic tracklist – and it is definitely a worthy addition to the Straight Spittin’ series.

Rah Digga drops delicious daggers as Nottz continues to craft neck straining material for his partner-in-rhyme. The duo thankfully sticks to the formula of the previous entries; Nottz layers a loop of drum kicks, snares and something electric whilst Rashia gives two minutes and twenty-two seconds of superb punch lines.

What other emcee would boast she’ll still be “spittin’ at her wedding” and “spittin’ at Armageddon”? Rappers beware; Digga has thrown down the gauntlet again.

Rah Digga’s new album, Classic, is released 14 September via Raw Koncept.
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