R.I.P Marvin Isley (of Isley Brothers)

Marvin Isley [far left] of  legendary singing group The Isley Brothers has died at the age of 56. While the cause of death is yet to be confirmed, the musician left the band in 1997 over his severe diabetes, which later resulted in his legs being amputated.

The Isley Brothers, fronted by Ron Isley, formed in 1954 and have been a consistent feature on the popular music, R&B and funk scene for the last 6 decades.  The band’s legacy is felt in today’s R&B and hip-hop, with many current songs in the past 10 years sampling some of their biggest hits.

Marvin, a talented bass player was most prominent on many of The Isley Brothers’ biggest hits including “Who’s That Lady”, “For The Love Of You” and one of my favourite songs, “Between The Sheets”.

Rest In Peace Marvin Isley

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