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Unless you have been stuck under a rock for the past week or so you probably have an idea as to which recent Charlie Sheen sound bites may have been sampled for this Loudmouth Melvin-produced track.

Over the last month, troubled actor Charlie Sheen has been caught in a an absolute whirl wind of tabloid press as a result of alleged drug and alcohol fueled antics with prostitutes and porn actresses. Recently Sheen’s erratic behavior has become nothing less than a tabloid journalist’s wet dream as he appeared to have had not one but two public meltdowns in the space of a week and a half.

His first meltdown came on the February 24 where he called into US radio talk show The Alex Jones Show for an on-air interview – which quickly became an on-air rant, during which Sheen spoke about his drug addictions, the bad press he has received and most significantly kept repeating the word “winning” through out the interview. His second meltdown occurred during an interview on US TV station ABC News, on a program called Good Morning America, during which Charlie Sheen stated that he’s not bipolar – he’s “Bi-Winning.” [Watch below..]

Since it’s birth, Hip Hop music has sampled everything from Disco, Soul, to Kung-Fu movies and everything in between. So with Charlie Sheen providing great sound bites for the average person to laugh at, including the word “winning” (which has already become a top trending topic on Twitter), it’s pretty obvious that a Hip Hop artist would go ahead and sample Charlie on a track.

First to step forward to tackle Mr. Sheen’s now infamous words is British Hip Hop producer/artist Loudmouth Melvin who produced the track on a whim for fellow UK rhymer Pyro Barz’ upcoming project Look Who Crept In. featuring up and comer Postman P.

The end result is a song that displays a lot more depth than one would first think when using Charlie’s recent rants. Loudmouth blends Sheen’s sound bites into a smooth-trumpit led backdrop to illustrate a subject matter loosely based around betrayal and relationships with the opposite sex.

Listen: Pyro Barz – “#Winning” ft. Loudmouth Melvin & Postman P [Charlie Sheen Sample]

Download: Pyro Barz – “#Winning” ft. Loudmouth Melvin & Postman P [Charlie Sheen Sample]

To be honest Pyro, Loudmouth and Postman P took this track where not even I was expecting it to be taken, so trust me when I say that “#winning” is an absolute beast. This Pyro Barz and Loudmouth tandem is a continuation of a rich vain of form which includes their recent joint mixtape, The Freestyle Sessions and their tracks “The Last Kings” and “I Doubt It” off Loudmouth’s EP series.

Bonus One: Charlie Sheen’s Interview On The Alex Jones Show

Bonus Two: Charlie Sheen’s Interview On Good Morning America

“The only thing I’m addicted to now is winning” – Charlie Sheen

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