Pusha T talks ‘My Name is My Name’ album title, producers, trends in hip-hop [Video]

In a recent interview with DJ Damage of HHS1987, G.O.O.D. Music emcee Pusha T spoke candidly on a variety of subjects, including the meaning of the title of his upcoming My Name Is My Name album, producers on the LP and implications of Biblical symbology in hip-hop.

The Virginia native revealed the reflection that had been involved in the selection of the album title, explaining that he wanted a title that embodied who he is as an artist; “There’s a line in “Pain,” where I actually say ‘my name is my name.’ This is who God made me, I am who I am. I feel like that phrase really embodies who I am in the rap game.”

Pusha explained that the levels of meaning behind the title to his upcoming mixtape, Wrath of Cain. “It’s not only a play on the streets, but also an assertion that Big Daddy Kane was better than Rakim. My clique had been arguing for a long time about who was better, and I recently had a revelation that Kane was better.”

In regards to the trendiness of hip-hop, the veteran emcee was not swayed. He explained that “all the hip-hop heavyweights are following the same fundamentals that they’ve always followed.”

Continuing the line of questioning in regards to trendiness, the subject of increasing religious symbology was touched upon, regarding upcoming albums such as J. Cole‘s Born Sinner and The Game‘s Jesus Piece. Pusha supported the artists’ thought processes, noting that “there are a lot of things I would take possession of. Religion is not one of them. J. Cole is a very deep rapper, I can tell he loves what he’s doing. These guys are so into hip-hop. Think about Jesus Piece – that’s just a staple of hip-hop culture.”

Another common trend as of late is the focus on strip club anthems, and Push showed his knowledge of hip-hop history explaining, “it turned that way because the mecca of hip-hop switched from New York to Atlanta, the strip club haven. That’s what changed the culture, because that’s where records are broken at right now. New York isn’t based around strip clubs, just the streets and hot mix tapes.”

Having already revealed that Kanye and Pharrell’s production would be present recently, he revealed that his upcoming album will also feature production from The Dream, Swizz Beatz, Rico Beats, Just Blaze, and No I.D..