Producer Noah “40” Shebib speaks to CNN about his life with Multiple Sclerosis [Video]

Noah “40” Shebib, Drake‘s go-to producer and the man behind the bulk of his biggest hits like “Successful”, “Miss Me” and “Headlines”, recently sat down with CNN for an exclusive interview, in which he opened up about living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

40 first shared his diagnosis in MTV’s “Drake: Better Than Good Enough” documentary in 2010, but only now has the beatsmith chose to discuss his condition.

“I woke up one day and all the temperature in my body was distorted. My sense of hot and cold and what that meant to my brain was very confusing. Any time something like that happens to your body – which is very difficult to explain when you have MS – is that your brain is tricked, so your nerves are telling you something that’s not true,” he said of first experiencing the condition at only 22 years old.

“Any time your brain is telling you something that’s not true, there’s a little bit of trauma for your body in general to understand what’s going on, so you’re a little bit in shock.”

Noah also detailed the hardships of trying to get people to understand MS. “I think one of the biggest struggles people with MS face is trying to define it to people and explain how it manifests itself,” he said.

“People are confused, so they result to the obvious answer. ‘Oh well, that’s probably because this happened. Oh, that happens to everybody. Everybody’s tired today. Oh, we’ve all had a long week.’ That’s the most frustrating thing for me in the world, because you’re taking for granted how hard I work to be on this level with you.”

CNN also provided an introduction to 40 for those unfamiliar, where they revisited his childhood acting days, how he got his name “40” and first linking up with Drake. Press play below.

[via CNN]