Prodigy’s ‘The Bumpy Johnson Album’ cover + tracklist revealed | Music News

Last year, Mobb Deep‘s Prodigy released an EP entitled The Ellsworth Bumpy Johnson to limited fanfare. The project saw him team up with long-term associate The Alchemist and production duo Sid Roams, acts who were well-suited to the New Yorker’s sound, but Prodigy struggled to make much of an impression with it.

Well now he’s re-releasing the EP as The Bumpy Johnson Album, with five new tracks and just as strong production credits. The new project will drop on October 2nd. If Prodigy can sound a little bit less lackadaisical than he did over the original EP’s excellent beats, then it should make for fine listening.

I still listen to The Infamous about once every two weeks, so I’ve got my fingers crossed.

Check out the new album cover above and the tracklist below:

1. Change (Prod. Sid Roams)
2. The one and only (Prod. Alchemist)
3. Told ya’ll (Prod. Sid Roams)
4. Go off (Prod. Sid Roams)
5. Recipe for Murder (Prod. produced by S.C.)
6. Hitman (Prod. King Benny)
7. Medicine man (Prod. Alchemist)
8. For One Night Only (Prod. Alchemist)
9. Twilight (Prod. Sid Roams)
10. Black devil (Prod. Sid Roams)
11. Stronger (Prod. King Benny)
12. Nobody can do it like this (Prod. Sid Roams)

[Props: HHNM]