Prodigy – “Pretty Thug” | New Music

Another sample of what is to come from Prodigy‘s forthcoming album, the third in his Head N***a In Charge series comes in the form of this new track entitled “Pretty Thug” as P stays in lane with a message similar to that of the previous “Gangsta Love.”

Switching up his usually gully swag by emphasising his needs from his woman or his ‘pretty thug’ as he proclaims, “Get yourself a bird, I deserve a lioness/ Pretty thug love, on that Clyde and Bonnie shit”. For eight bars he even evokes his inner Jamaican rapping with a (bad) accent.

As a big fan of Mobb Deep and Pretty Thug P, I’m hoping this track grows on me. Check it out below.

H.N.I.C. 3 is due to drop on July 3rd.

Listen: Prodigy – “Pretty Thug”

[via NahRight]