Prince Harry training to be a reggae DJ?

Another step in the making of a modern prince, rumours are floating that Prince Harry is keen to become a reggae DJ in the wake of his recent trip to Jamaica, during which he met Bob Marley‘s widow Rita, who was also a member of his vocal backing group the I Threes.

“Harry has always been interested in music, but Jamaica was a real eye opener. He started looking into reggae as soon as he got back to the UK,” a source recently told The Sun.

“Meeting Rita Marley was a great inspiration too. She seems to have had a big impact on him.”

The royal has reportedly been adding reggae records from “specialist online stores” to his already extensive collection of house music vinyl, and taking lessons in mixing records from a DJ friend.

“He’s unlikely to ever DJ in public — but if he did it’d be the party of the year,” added the source.